How to Reset a Garmin 520: Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re a proud owner of the Garmin Edge 520, you likely rely on this cycling computer to enhance your riding experience and track your performance. However, even the most reliable devices can encounter occasional issues. When your Garmin 520 acts up, knowing how to reset it can be a valuable skill. This article offers a comprehensive walkthrough for resetting your Garmin 520, presenting a combination of concise tips and in-depth directions to guide you through the process.

Quick Tip #1: Backup Your Data: Before performing a reset, it’s essential to back up your device’s data to prevent loss. We’ll show you how to do this in the following sections.

Quick Tip #2: Soft Reset vs. Hard Reset: Understand the difference between a soft reset (which temporarily restarts your device) and a hard reset (a more comprehensive reset with potential data loss). We’ll cover both methods to cater to your specific needs.

Quick Tip #3: Preventive Maintenance: Learn how to maintain your Garmin 520 to reduce the likelihood of needing frequent resets. Regular software updates and careful handling can go a long way.

Quick Tip #4: Troubleshooting After a Reset: Discover what steps to take after a reset to get your Garmin 520 up and running smoothly again. We’ve got you covered.

How to Reset a Garmin 520

Why Resetting a Garmin 520 is Necessary

Your Garmin 520, a trusty companion for cycling enthusiasts, has features to enhance your riding experience. However, like any electronic gadget, it may face issues over time. These problems can vary from minor hiccups to unresponsiveness. Here’s why resetting your Garmin 520 might be necessary:

Common Scenarios Requiring a Reset:

  1. Software Glitches: Sometimes, the Garmin 520’s software may become unstable, leading to performance issues.
  2. Unresponsiveness: A reset may be the quickest solution if your device freezes or becomes unresponsive.
  3. Battery Drain: To address unusual battery drain issues, a reset can help identify and rectify the problem.
  4. Customization Problems: A reset can start with a clean slate if you’ve made numerous customizations and settings adjustments that cause issues.

Garmin Edge 520

Different Reset Methods

Before diving into the steps for resetting your Garmin 520, it’s essential to understand that there are various methods, each serving a different purpose. Let’s explore two primary reset methods:

  1. Soft Reset

A soft reset is a fast method to reboot your Garmin 520 device without losing any stored data.

It’s the go-to method for resolving minor issues and refreshing your device.

Steps to Perform a Soft Reset:

  1. Power Off: Press the power button until you see the “Power Off” prompt.
  2. Confirm Shutdown: Confirm the shutdown by selecting “Yes.”
  3. Power On: Wait a few seconds and then press the power button again to turn the device back on.

A soft reset is a safe way to troubleshoot problems without losing your data. However, if your issues persist, consider a more comprehensive solution.

  1. Hard Reset (Factory Reset)

A hard reset, a factory reset, is a more thorough method that restores your Garmin 520 to its factory settings. This process can help resolve more persistent problems but comes with the caveat of data loss.

Steps to Perform a Hard Reset:

  1. Backup Your Data: Before proceeding, ensure you’ve backed up your device data. Connect your Garmin 520 to your computer and use Garmin Express or your preferred backup method.
  2. Access System Settings: On your Garmin 520, navigate to “Settings” > “System.”
  3. Reset Options: Scroll down to “Reset Options” and select it.
  4. Factory Reset: Choose “Factory Reset.”
  5. Confirmation: Confirm the reset, and your Garmin 520 will return to its original factory settings.

Performing a hard reset should be a last resort when all other troubleshooting steps have failed. Be prepared for the potential data loss, so ensure you’ve backed up everything you need.

Troubleshooting After a Reset

After successfully resetting your Garmin 520, you’ll want to ensure that it’s functioning as expected and that your data is restored. Here’s what to do next:

Restoring Your Data:

  • If you performed a hard reset and backed up your data, follow the steps to restore your data from your backup.

Reconfigure Settings:

  • Reconfigure your device settings and preferences according to your needs.

Software Updates:

  • Verify for software updates and apply any accessible updates to ensure your Garmin 520 operates with the most recent firmware version.

Test Your Device:

  • Take your Garmin 520 for a test ride to ensure it’s tracking your activities accurately.

Preventive Measures

To reduce the need for frequent resets and keep your Garmin 520 in optimal condition, consider implementing these preventive measures:

Regular Software Updates:

  • Keep your device’s firmware updated by checking for software updates regularly. Frequently, these updates include corrections for software issues and enhancements.

Proper Handling:

  • Handle your Garmin 520 with care to avoid physical damage. Use screen protectors and protective cases if needed.

Data Management:

  • Periodically clean up unnecessary data from your device to free up storage space.

Battery Maintenance:

  • Optimize your device’s battery life by following the best charging and power management practices.

Table: Garmin 520 Troubleshooting Guide

Software GlitchesTry a soft reset to refresh the system.
UnresponsivenessPerform a soft reset to resolve freezing issues.
Battery DrainInvestigate and address battery issues after a soft reset.
Customization ProblemsConsider a soft reset if customizations lead to problems.
Data BackupAlways back up your data before attempting a hard reset.
Factory Reset (Hard Reset)Use this as a last resort for persistent issues.
Restoring DataRestore data from your backup after a hard reset.
Reconfigure SettingsAdjust device settings according to your preferences.
Software UpdatesKeep your Garmin 520 up to date with regular updates.
Proper HandlingProtect your device from physical damage.
Data ManagementPeriodically clean up unnecessary data for storage space.
Battery MaintenanceFollow best practices for battery health and longevity.

For quick reference, this table summarizes critical troubleshooting solutions and preventive measures discussed in the article.


This comprehensive guide explored the importance of resetting a Garmin 520 and detailed instructions for soft and hard resets. Remember to back up your data before attempting a hard reset, and always follow best practices for preventive maintenance to keep your Garmin 520 running smoothly.

Now that you know how to troubleshoot and maintain your Garmin 520, you can enjoy uninterrupted cycling adventures and make the most of this versatile device. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or new to the world of cycling technology, understanding how to reset your Garmin 520 is a valuable skill that ensures you’re always ready to hit the road.

Additional Resources and Support

If you encounter specific issues beyond what’s covered in this article or need further assistance with your Garmin 520, consider contacting Garmin’s customer support or visiting their official website.

Garmin provides comprehensive support, including access to resources like frequently asked questions (FAQs), user manuals, and online community forums, which enable you to find help and engage with other users.

Stay connected with the cycling community and Garmin enthusiasts through online forums, social media groups, and cycling clubs. Sharing experiences and knowledge with others can be invaluable in maximizing the benefits of your Garmin 520.

Share Your Tips and Feedback

We hope this guide has helped you understand how to reset and maintain your Garmin 520. Please comment below if you have any additional tips, tricks, or feedback. Your insights can benefit the broader cycling community and contribute to the collective knowledge of Garmin 520 users.

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Final Thoughts

Your Garmin 520 is not just a cycling computer; it’s a powerful tool that enhances your riding experience and helps you track your progress. Knowing how to reset it and following preventive measures ensures it continues serving you faithfully on countless rides.

Remember, troubleshooting and maintenance are essential to owning any electronic device, and your Garmin 520 is no exception. With the knowledge and insights from this guide, you’re better equipped to tackle any issues that may arise, ensuring that your cycling adventures are as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for choosing Garmin as your cycling companion, and may your rides be filled with excitement, achievement, and exploration.

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