6 Easy Steps To Replace The Garmin Vivofit Jr Battery

This article will cover how to replace the battery in your Garmin Vivofit Jr. I will show you how to save money and do this yourself. We will cover the tools you need and the specific battery that you can buy cheaply to replace it. The Vivofit Jr is a great starter smartwatch for kids. This watch is sturdy and doesn’t have many reported problems due to its high build quality but it does feature a user-replaceable battery.

What Tools You Will Need To Replace Garmin Vivofit Jr Battery

The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is designed to be easy to replace you will only need a small cross-head screwdriver.

I find the following set of tools perticularly useful and dosent cost very much.

Garmin Vivofit Jr Battery Replacement

The replacement battery is a CR1632 its best to get a good quality known brand because the price difference isn’t much. Avoid the cheap batteries because you don’t want them leaking and damaging your smartwatch.

Here is the battery I recommend:

Replacing Garmin Vivofit Jr battery

The process to replace the battery is very simply:

  1. Face the watch upside down and pop the device out of the band
  2. Use a small cross-head (Philips) screwdriver to remove 4 screws in each corner
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Replace the battery with the new one
  5. Replace the cover
  6. Screw up the 4 screws


The Vivofit 2 is a great starter smartwatch for kids, it has a great build quality and user-serviceable parts such as this battery replacement and bands.

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