Garmin Forerunner 235: A Comprehensive Guide to Resets and Maintenance

Garmin Forerunner 235 A Comprehensive Guide to Resets and Maintenance

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a dependable GPS watch created to meet the requirements of individuals who engage in running, cycling, and fitness activities.

With its many features, including GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and customizable workouts, it’s no wonder this watch is a popular choice for athletes. However, like all electronic devices, the Forerunner 235 may encounter occasional issues that require a reset. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to reset your Garmin Forerunner 235, the reasons behind these resets, and provide quick tips to get you started.

Quick Tips:

Before we dive into the detailed steps, let’s take a moment to highlight some essential quick tips for resetting your Garmin Forerunner 235:

  1. Soft Reset: A soft reset is your first line of defence when your device experiences minor issues like screen freezes or unresponsiveness. Press the light button to perform a soft reset until the screen goes blank. Then, release the button and power the device on again.
  2. Hard Reset: A hard reset may be necessary in more severe cases when a soft reset doesn’t work. Remember that a hard reset erases all data, so back up your information before proceeding.
  3. Backup Your Data: Regularly syncing your Forerunner 235 with the Garmin Connect app or website is an intelligent practice. This ensures your data and settings are securely stored, allowing you to restore them if you need to perform a reset.

Let’s delve into the specifics of resetting your Garmin Forerunner 235 and explore when and why these resets might be required.

Understanding the Garmin Forerunner 235

Before we jump into the reset procedures, let’s take a moment to understand the Garmin Forerunner 235 and the common issues that may necessitate a reset.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a multifunctional GPS watch that provides essential data to enhance training and fitness routines. It’s a versatile tool for tracking and improving your performance, equipped with a heart rate monitor, customizable workouts, and smart notifications. However, the device’s complexity, featuring various sensors and software components, means that occasional issues can arise. These issues may include:

  • Frozen Screen: Your device becomes unresponsive, and none of the buttons seem to work.
  • Software Glitches: Unexpected behaviors or errors occur in the device’s software.
  • Connectivity Problems: Pairing your watch with the Garmin Connect app or other devices is complex.
  • Performance Issues: Reduced battery life or slower response times than usual.

Knowing how to reset your Forerunner 235 is essential because it can often resolve these problems, getting your device back on track and ensuring a seamless workout experience.

Preparing for the Reset

Before we proceed with the reset methods, it’s crucial to prepare your device and safeguard your data:

Step 1: Back Up Your Data

Regularly syncing your Garmin Forerunner 235 with the Garmin Connect app or website is a smart habit. This ensures your valuable fitness data, personal settings, and preferences are securely stored. You can quickly restore your data if you need to perform a reset.

To back up your data:

  1. Open the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone or access the Garmin Connect website on your computer.
  2. Ensure your device is connected and synced.
  3. Verify that your data is up to date in the app or website.

With your data backed up, you can proceed confidently, knowing your progress won’t be lost.

Step 2: Ensure Adequate Battery Level

Before initiating a reset, ensure your Garmin Forerunner 235 has an adequate battery level. A low battery during a reset process can result in incomplete or interrupted operations, potentially causing further issues. Follow these steps to check and ensure a sufficient battery level:

  1. Charge Your Device: To connect your Garmin Forerunner 235 to its charging cable, plug it into a USB port on your computer or a USB wall adapter.
  2. Monitor Charging: Allow the device to charge sufficiently until the battery is at least 50% or higher. You can typically check the battery level on the device’s screen or within the Garmin Connect app.
  3. Ensure Steady Power: Ensure your power source is stable and the device is securely connected to the charger. Avoid using low-quality chargers or unstable power sources that may lead to disruptions in the charging process.

Ensuring your Garmin Forerunner 235 has a healthy battery level minimizes the risk of encountering issues during the reset process.

Step 3: Gather Necessary Information

Before proceeding with a reset, gathering any necessary information related to your device is a good practice. This may include your Garmin Forerunner 235’s serial number, device settings, and any specific data or personal records you want to retain.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Serial Number: Locate and note down the serial number of your Garmin Forerunner 235. You may find this information on the device’s packaging, the back of the watch, or in the device information section of the Garmin Connect app.
  2. Device Settings: Take note of any customized settings you’ve configured on your device, such as display preferences, workout data screens, or alert settings. This will make it easier to reconfigure your device after the reset.
  3. Data Export: As an additional precaution, consider exporting and saving specific data you want to retain, such as favourite routes, workout history, or personal records. You can achieve this via the Garmin Connect mobile application or the website, allowing you to export your data as needed.

This readily available information ensures you can restore your device to a state that closely matches your preferences and needs after completing a reset.

Step 4: Familiarize Yourself with Reset Procedures

Before initiating a reset, being familiar with the specific procedures for soft and hard resets on the Garmin Forerunner 235 is essential. Refer to the manufacturer’s official documentation, user manual, or guidance in this article to understand the steps involved in performing each reset type.

Soft Reset: A Quick Solution

A soft reset is a simple procedure to help resolve minor issues with your Garmin Forerunner 235. It’s beneficial when the device becomes unresponsive or freezes. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Press and Hold: Locate the light button on the left side of your Garmin Forerunner 235.
  2. Hold It: Press the light button until the screen goes blank. This should take about 15 seconds.
  3. Release: Release the button once the screen goes blank.

Your Garmin Forerunner 235 will restart automatically. The soft reset is a valuable tool in your troubleshooting arsenal, and the best part is that it doesn’t erase any of your data, making it a safe first step when encountering issues.

Hard Reset: A Last Resort

A hard reset may be necessary if a soft reset doesn’t resolve your problem or you’re experiencing more severe issues with your Garmin Forerunner 235. Nonetheless, it’s essential to grasp that a hard reset will delete all your information and return the device to its original factory configuration.

Thus, it would help if you only used this option when other troubleshooting methods have failed.

To perform a hard reset:

  1. Power Off: Begin by turning off your Garmin Forerunner 235. You can hold the power button until the shutdown screen appears.
  2. Hold Light Button: Press the light button on the left while the device is off.
  3. Power On: While holding the light button, press and hold the power button. Keep both buttons pressed.

A prompt will be displayed on the monitor, inquiring whether you wish to delete all user information.

Confirm by selecting “Yes.” Your device will then reset itself, erasing all data and settings.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Now that you know how to perform soft and hard resets on your Garmin Forerunner 235, let’s explore some common problems these resets can help resolve, along with additional tips for maintaining your device:

Common Problems and Solutions:

  1. Frozen Screen: A soft reset should resolve this issue if your device becomes unresponsive. If the problem persists, consider performing a hard reset as a last resort.
  2. Software Errors: Unexpected errors or glitches may be fixed with a soft reset. If problems persist, check for software updates through Garmin Connect or contact Garmin support for assistance.
  3. Connectivity Issues: Addressing problems with syncing your Garmin Forerunner 235 to Garmin Connect or pairing it with other devices can frequently be resolved by resetting and re-establishing the necessary connections.
  4. Performance Degradation: If you notice reduced battery life or slower performance, try a soft reset and consider clearing unnecessary data from your device to improve its speed.

Maintenance Tips:

  1. Regular Syncing: Make it a habit to sync your Forerunner 235 with Garmin Connect regularly. This backs up your data and ensures you receive the latest firmware updates, which can enhance device performance and resolve known issues.
  2. Keep It Clean: Sweat and dirt can accumulate on your device during workouts. Regularly clean your Garmin Forerunner 235 with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent these substances from interfering with its functionality.
  3. Firmware Updates: Stay up to date with firmware updates through Garmin Connect. Frequently, these updates include corrections for issues and enhancements in performance that can improve the overall functionality of your device.

Additional Troubleshooting Resources:

If you’ve followed the steps outlined in this guide and still encounter persistent issues with your Garmin Forerunner 235, don’t worry—additional resources are available to assist you. Garmin offers outstanding customer assistance and a user community where individuals might have faced comparable issues. Here are some avenues to explore:

  1. Garmin Customer Support: Visit the Garmin official website and navigate to the support section. You can find product-specific FAQs, manuals, and contact information for customer support.
  2. Online Forums and Communities: Join Garmin-related forums and communities, such as Garmin Connect’s official forums or other fitness and tech communities. These platforms often have experienced users who can offer guidance and share their troubleshooting experiences.
  3. Social Media: One way to locate official Garmin accounts or communities of Garmin users is by exploring social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. These platforms frequently feature discussions where members of the Garmin community share their personal experiences and provide solutions for common issues.
  4. YouTube Tutorials: Video tutorials on platforms like YouTube can be beneficial. Search for Garmin Forerunner 235 reset and troubleshooting videos to see step-by-step demonstrations.

Related Table: Common Garmin Forerunner 235 Issues and Resolutions

Frozen ScreenTry a soft reset by holding the light button.
Software GlitchesA soft reset can resolve minor software errors.
Connectivity ProblemsReset the device and re-establish connections.
Performance IssuesSoft reset and data cleanup can improve speed.

This table provides a quick reference for common issues faced by Garmin Forerunner 235 users and the corresponding solutions discussed in the article.


In conclusion, the Garmin Forerunner 235 is more than just a smartwatch—your fitness companion on the road, track, or trail. With the knowledge of how to perform soft and hard resets, along with the tips for maintenance and troubleshooting discussed in this guide, you’re well-equipped to make the most of this powerful device.

While the occasional hiccup is a part of technology, you now have the tools to tackle any challenges that may come your way. Consistently synchronizing your data, maintaining the cleanliness of your device, and ensuring you’re using the latest firmware updates will enhance the overall performance and user experience of your Garmin Forerunner 235.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete pushing your limits or just getting started on your fitness journey, your Garmin Forerunner 235 is there to help you track your progress, set new goals, and achieve them. Venture forth, discover fresh paths, and continue your activities of running, cycling, and training with assurance, recognizing that you can conquer any challenges that may arise.



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