Why Is My Apple Watch Dying So Fast?

Battery life is a common issue on smart watches. The apple watch is one of the best selling smart watches in the world but its still constricted by battery size. People are used to standard watch battery lasting for months or years this is not the case with modern smart watches. There are things that can be done to preserve battery life. If your always wondering why is my apple watch dying so fast? Then this is the article for you. I will help you understand the things you can do to get the best battery performance from your apple watch.

Firstly lets put things into perspective, here is a list of all the apple watches released and the expected battery life.

WatchExpected Battery Life
First GenerationUp to 18 Hours
Series 2Up to 18 Hours
Series 3Up to 18 Hours
Series 4Up to 18 Hours
Series 5Up to 18 Hours

So yeah see the trend here, all the apple watches feature “Up to 18 hours” battery life. So if your thinking hang on i’m not getting anywhere near this number then read on. Lets look at some common causes first.

What causes the apple watch battery to die so quickly?

There are a number of things that can cause poor battery life:

  • Has a recent update drained the battery?
  • Is the screen brightness up and being used constantly?
  • Have you used it for extensive fitness monitoring?
  • Has the speaker been used a lot?

Tips to Extend Battery Life?

Consider the following tips to keep your apple watch battery running for longer.


Some updates fix battery issues so make sure your watch has the latest update

Power Save Mode

The apple watch has a power saving mode. This disables the heart rate sensor. To enable power saving mode you need to have the watch synced with your iPhone. Open the Apple Watch app and go to My Watch then Workout and turn on power saving mode.

Wrist Raise

Do you know that each time you raise your wrist the watch screen automatically turns on? Well if you are moving your hands a lot this can easily drain the battery. To disable this go to General > Wake Screen > Turn off Wake Screen on Wrist.

This is a common problem and is an easy to over look cause for your apple watch dying so fast.

Background Refresh

The watch will be refreshing data in various apps in the background. You can control the refresh rate and gain back precious battery life. To do this within the watch app

Power Reserve Mode

This mode is a last resort. Activating power reserve mode will turn off all features except the time. Its handy to use when you know you will need the battery life at a later time. To enable:

  • Hold the power button
  • tap “Power Reserve”
  • tap General
  • tap Background App Refresh
  • turn off “Background App Refresh”

Other Considerations

Lastly you may need to consider how old the device is. Batteries wear down over time so if you watch is a few years old it might be time to check the extended warranty or consider a new up to date model.

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