The 4 Best GPS Trackers for Cats

Our feline friends are family members so you want to do everything within your power to keep them healthy and safe. If you cat decides to go on a far away adventure one day, will you be able to find them again? Will you even know where to look? Using a GPS trackers for cats is now a reality, read on to find out more!

Alternatively, perhaps you have a cat(s) that enjoys going outside on your rural property (or even just into your backyard). Having a tracking device greatly improves their safety as they roam because you can know if their travels have taken them too far from home. Also, if your cat doesn’t return in the evening as usual, a tracker will help you find out if they are just tardy or if they have run into an injury or problem.

Microchips are popular options for pets from rescue organizations or the veterinarian. The downfall of microchip technology is that your pet has to be found by another human first and then turned in somewhere that has a chip reader.

To be more proactive, you can choose to use a GPS tracking device for quicker and more accurate tracking.

With modern technology, you can now put a GPS tracker on your feline family member that provides you with detailed information about their whereabouts. Technology has advanced so far that with some devices and services, you can locate your pet within just one inch of their current whereabouts. Just one inch!

But how do you know which pet tracker device is right for your pet and lifestyle? Pulled together here is a condensed list of four of the best GPS tracker devices for your cat. They each have their pros and cons, but all will effectively help you find your beloved meow-meow in the case of an emergency.


The number one GPS trackers for cats in the U.S. is the TabCat. The kit includes two tags and an RF-based directional tracking device. Use the tags to track two different cats, have a backup, or use the second tag on a valuable item like keys or wallet.

  • Accuracy. More accurate than many competitors and can track your pet within 1-inch of their location.
  • No subscription fees. Purchase the device and that is it.
  • 100% money back guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • It is the most expensive tracker on the list.
  • According to reviews, battery power and stamina leaves something to be desired.
  • There is no service, so you can’t interact with some of the elements other trackers have like apps and social networks.
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PawScout GPS Pet Trackers

The PawScout pet tracker is a tag that easily attaches to most common cat or dog collars. The tag sends out a signal with a radius of 300 feet so you always know if your cat is nearby. A great budget GPS Trackers for Cats.

  • PawScout is the least expensive cat tracker on the list.
  • The device integrates with a highly social mobile app that allows you to send out lost pet alerts to other users in the area. If other users pick up your cat’s signal, they can contact you with their whereabouts.
  • The interact app allows you build a profile for your pet that includes photos, medical history, vaccination records, and potential behavioral issues. All the information increases chances that another user will be able to identify your cat if they should wander off.
  • PawScout cannot give you a specific location of your pet. Rather, it can only tell you if it picks up the signal of the tag within 300 feet of your mobile device. If the pet wanders outside of the 300 feet, you will have to rely on other users to track down your cat or dog.
  • The mobile app requires location identification services to be turned on in order to work. This could potentially drain phone batteries.
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BARTUN GPS Pet Trackers

The Bartun Pet tracker is a true GPS tracker with worldwide, unlimited range. The device can attach to most cat collars and collars for pets up to approximately 28 lbs.

  • Device is waterproof and shock resistant.
  • Real-time tracking that works with existing GPS, LBS, and AGPS systems and GPS satellites.
  • Global range. You can track your cats in over 150 countries around the world.
  • To utilize the service, you have to subscribe to a mobile subscription plan. The service could be seen as a positive too, depending on the user. It is an additional cost though, to the one-time fee for the device.
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Girafus GPS Cat Trackers RF

The Giraffes Cat Tracker is geared more towards cat owners than some of the other trackers on the list which cater to dog owners equally. Giraffe’s philosophy is that a cat is more likely to hide in places where a traditional tracker might not deliver a signal. There are there options in purchasing the Giraffes Cat Tracker, two tags, three tags, and four tags.

  • A long reaching 1,600 foot (500 meters) range.
  • Tracker is designed to work indoors or outdoors to help owners find hidden pets.
  • No monthly fee or subscription service needed.
  • Lightweight design means pets are more comfortable when wearing the device
  • Recent upgrades have extended the battery life to approximately 30 days
  • If you pet moves beyond 1,600 feet (500 meters), you will be unable to track them. This is because it does not pinpoint their location outside this range.
  • Low temperatures can sometimes cause the batteries or module to malfunction.

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Now that you have a rundown of four fantastic options, it is time to get started on protecting your pet in the wild. We owe it to our furry friends to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Even if it means letting them wander in the wild sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a GPS tracker in a cat?

GPS trackers are external devices and require a battery to operate. There are not currently any GPS tracking devices that go inside a cat. A vet will commonly put a microchip inside a cat this is not the same as GPS tracking.

Can you track a cat by microchip?

You cannot actively track a cat with a microchip. The internal microchip is designed to be scanned manually enabling the owners address to be found. Microchips dont use GPS.

What is the smallest GPS tracking device available?

The smallest and lightest GPS Tracking Device for Cats is the TabCat.

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