5 Best Smartwatch For Kids (2020 Update)

In today’s world, fitness and time consciousness are important. As such it is important to cultivate these qualities early into your children’s lives to help them have a productive life later on. We all know that kids can be very playful. I have been through all the products available to give you the rundown. What is the best smartwatch for kids? As you will see it will depend on what your requirements are. You may or may not have decided to buy a smartwatch for you child. Regardless this article will detail the best options available your busy little people 🙂

With these watches, you can help them keep time as well as keep tabs on them. Featured below are some of the best watches for your children to play and learn with.

Vtech DX2 Smartwatch

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The VTech Kidizoom DX2 is a fun smartwatch for boys ages 4 to 12. It has many features, such as activity challenges, two cameras, 55 customizable watch faces, and augmented reality games. This is one of the best smartwatch for hyperactive kids.

Top Features

  • Its cameras allow you to take, pictures, videos and selfies that can be modified into watch faces
  • Helps kids learn how to tell time with 55 digital and analogue watch faces
  • Monster Detector game creates an augmented reality experience where kids can apprehend monsters in the physical world; includes fun sound effects, motion detector for dynamic play challenges and a pedometer
  • Using the included Micro-USB cable you can upload photos and videos, recharge the battery and download extra free content like clock faces from Learning Lodger and games
  • Envisioned for ages 4+ years and only needs 1 lithium-ion battery
  • This high-tech watch for kids includes 55 watch faces and two cameras for selfies and pictures; play engaging games and more with this cool learning watch
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PHRToy Smartwatch

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With the PHR watch your child can call up to 10 saved contacts and speak in exactly the same way as on a mobile phone. The watch also enables them to dial an emergency number registered on the SOS option or even 911. The 0.3MP front camera also allows for your child to take photos of themselves. You can also get a Micro SD card with 16 GB of memory to store countless files.

The watch also provides entertainment for your child with 7 games preinstalled on the watch. The games are easily playable on the 1.54-inch touch screen. In addition, it includes an audio player to record interesting conversations as well as a to-do list to remember important tasks of the day. It supports 8 different languages and its battery power lasts up to 24hrs. Another advantage of this watch is its durability. Boys love to walk, climb and play. Most watches are made of fragile materials hence can easily break, but this is not the case with this watch. This is why it has made it to the best smartwatch for kids list.

Top Features

  • Supports SOS Emergency Call and can allow setting of 5 SOS numbers
  • 7 fun games
  • You can enjoy worry-free after-sales services which refers to refund or replacement within 90 days and 1-year warranty
  • 0.3 MP camera with a 16BG SD Card
  • Lightweight and good battery timing
  • Two-way calling function
  • 1.54-inch touch-sensitive screen
  • Memory to save 10 contacts
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Prograce Kids Smartwatch

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This is a smart watch designed by the Prograce manufacturers for kids. It has an excellent camera that can rotate up to 90 ° in high resolution. The product also has a flashlight, radio, music player and digital games.

Its unique blue colour appeals especially to your boy child. Electronic watches are captivating to young boys and may just be the perfect gift for them. In addition to the tracking time, it has a ton of features that are useful and fun for your child.

Top Features

  • Internal storage extendable up to 32 GB
  • Strap Band material
  • Large 1.54 inches IPS touchscreen
  • Bright flashlight for darker environments
  • Multimedia options like FM radio and audio music player
  • Breathable design for kids
  • Accurate fitness tracking
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Fitbit Ace 2

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Fitbit Ace 2 is a kid’s watch predominantly made for fitness tracking. Fitbit was initially designed for adults however, Fitbit Ace 2 is a smartwatch made for kids.

The Fitbit Ace 2 is targeted for kids aged 6 and onwards. It has re-developed great mobile apps so parents can help their kids with their activities and also monitor them. This is especially useful for parents with young kids as they tend to be more playful and wander off. It is the ideal device to keep tabs on your kids.
The watch also comes with other great features that complement its fitness tracking capabilities.

Top Features

  • All-Day Activity Record
  • Up to 5 Days of Battery
  • Comfy & Secure
  • The parent view allows parents to easily see kids’ activity and approve their connections.
  • Water Resistant to 50M so kids can wear it in the shower and in the pool
  • Bedtime Reminders & Alarms
  • Timer & Stopwatch
  • Simple Button & Touchscreen
  • Wireless Sync as Fitbit Ace 2 connects to 200+ Android, iOS & Windows 10 devices to give a full picture of your child’s health and wellness.
  • On-Screen Dashboard
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Garmin Vivofit Jr

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Vivofit Jr 2 comes with many more features that make the product more complete. From backlighting to ensure excellent visibility of the display in all weather conditions to automatic beeps reminding kids to stay active, it is a great improvement from its predecessors.

One of the best features of the Vivofit Jr 2 is the head-to-toe challenge. If you have kids who like to play, head to toe challenges is a great way for them to enjoy nature and have fun. In order to complete as many stages as possible in time, kids can participate directly in the competition. By synchronizing multiple Vivofit Jr 2 devices, children and their friends can participate in fun fitness activities. Needless to say, these games help children fall asleep at night after a day of fun and games.

Second, the device has technical aspects. Vivofit Jr 2 synchronizes seamlessly with your phone and allows you to automatically download your child’s fitness activities. If you have used Vivofit Jr 1, you will find that the Vivofit Jr 2 is a huge improvement to its predecessor. With timely activities and automatic synchronization powered by Garmin Connect, you can encourage your child to do more sporting activities and monitor them at the same time. This is a great smartwatch for kids.

Top Features

  • 1+ year battery life
  • Time and date display
  • Alarm clock, stopwatch & timer
  • Colourful and customisable bands
  • Automatic daylight savings feature
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Rewards system (virtual coins)
  • Step counter and move bar
  • 60-minute activity goals
  • Reminder alerts & audible alerts
  • Automatic syncing to free Garmin app
  • Toe-to-toe challenge

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Choosing the right smart watch for your kids is tedious work. All over the market, there are companies offering similar products at the same price. This makes it more and more difficult and confusing to zero in on the ideal smart watches. However, this article covers the highest rated models so you just have to choose one that suits you.

With reliability and durability in mind, finding the balance between your child’s needs and your budget is often not easy. As a buyer, you need to determine your budget, product availability, durability, brand preferences, back-up batteries, and other features you need.

Once you have clearly defined and understood the above parameters, you should try the product in an offline store before making an informed decision. It doesn’t hurt to ask a friend, family member, or colleague for a reasonable opinion about the product.

Once you have determined the best smartwatch that suits your needs, you can find the best discounts available from offline and online sellers. Some online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer the opportunity to try products from offline stores before ordering online. The coming holidays are a good time to refresh your kid’s smart watch.

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