Best GPS Tracking Bracelet for Elderly

Do you worry about elderly members of your family? Frequently struggle to get in touch with them and wonder where they are? What if they need help? Are they in danger? These are all terrifying things however we have the technology to help.

GPS tracking devices are getting smaller and smaller as well as more cost effective.

Tracking devices can easily fit into bracelets, watches, fobs and other pendant type devices. This makes it easier than ever to keep track of an elderly loved one. I have put together the best GPS tracking bracelet for the elderly on the market. Here is my take on these modern devices.

Tracking Bracelet Buying Guide

There are a number of things to consider when buying a GPS tracking device for the elderly.

  • Weight – As people age even the lightest of jewellery and wearable items can feel heavy. The weight of the device plays an important role especially if it will be worn all day.
  • Size – A bulky item is far from ideal it needs to be small and discreet. The wearable needs to easily work around daily activities.
  • Ease – The wearable must be easy to put on and take off. Whilst a bracelet is less likely to come off it is going to be difficult to put on. Arthritis makes managing small clips and straps a challenge which is why I have included other types of devices for consideration.
  • Maintenance – It’s likely the device will need to be charged on a regular basis. The wearable must be easily charged from a simple plug or docking station.

Techsixtyfour – Gator Kids and Seniors GPS Splashproof Smartwatch Bracelet

Gator Kids and Seniors Splashproof Smartwatch - Best GPS Tracking Bracelet for Elderly
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The Splashproof Smartwatch/bracelet from TechSixtyFour is at heart a smartwatch but its simple enough to not confuse the wearer. This watch is a GPS tracking device. You can track the location using an iphone or andriod app.

This device also features a microphone and speaker so you can use it as a two-way communication device this is especially handy in an emergency. The device tracks GPS outdoors and wifi indoors so its always searching for the best signal. 

SIM Card Options

This device comes with a sim card preinstalled but please see my guide on sim cards for wearable devices article for more information. This isn’t the heaviest device on the market nor the lightest weighing in at just 60gramms its comfortable on the wrist.

What I like is the devices simplicity, its discreet and the wearer cannot be easily distracted by it.

The battery boasts up to 4 days use before it needs charging. Charging is very easy via the magnetic charger that comes with the watch. Just Like the Tracker expert the device features an SOS call function. When the wearer moves between different zones you can trigger specific alerts.

The Gator Senior Smartwatch is a great option compared with the pendant type devices. Watch type devices are less likely to be taken off accidentally.

It can be a little bulky so worth checking with the wearer first on the size and weight of the device is fit for purpose, especially if its due to be worn by the elderly. This is a great GPS tracking bracelet for the elderly.

Tracker Expert – GPS Tracker Fall Alarm ET-017s

Tracker Expert - GPS Tracker Fall Alarm - Best GPS Tracking Bracelet for Elderly
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This is my current favourite tracker and is worth its weight in gold. You elderly loved ones are in safe hands with this device. The loved one can put it around their neck or on a bunch of keys. It is always on and always tracking. 

The GPS Tracker has a sim card so this device is completely independent and works standalone. It doesn’t need for wireless or Bluetooth phone pairing. This means it tracks the elderly wearer outside the home. This includes anywhere there is a phone signal.

You can log in online and see the location of the device on a map. The GPS tracker can send you regular text messages of the location.

What really makes this device special and is a key selling point is two-way communication. This enables the wearer of the device and you to talk to each other. This is useful if the patient / loved one has forgotten their phone and need help. It is very handy in an emergency situation when the wearer urgently needs to get in contact with someone.

This isn’t all, there is also a fall and slip feature. This detects and sends multiple SMS notifications when the wearer has had a fall and hasn’t moved for 10 seconds. There is a two was SOS communication feature. This enables you to have a two way conversation instantly with the wearer.

You can easily check in an instant if they are ok or need help.

Another handy feature that is part of the product is to set up a virtual ring-fence. If the wearer moves outside a location you will receive an alert. This is a great feature if the wearer is prone to wandering off.

Charging the device is very easy and it comes with a charging dock. The device will start to charge as soon as its put in the dock station. The battery life is around two days which isn’t bad for a device that allows you to track its location, there is a power-saving mode that lets you get up to 7 days use.

The GPS Tracker ET-017s from Tracker Expert really has it all, its a top seller and ticks many boxes for a lot of requirements for many its the ideal device to help keep track of the elderly.  Whilst this item isnt a bracelet it can be hung around the neck and is easier to wear for elderly people than a bracelet. That’s why this device makes it onto my Best GPS Tracking bracelet for the Elderly list.

Hangang Mini GPS Tracker

Hangang Mini GPS Tracker - Best GPS Tracking Bracelet for Elderly
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I love this device right now it blew me away how small it is, 47mm x 24mm x 18mm this is absolutely microscopic so it’s ideal for say going in a wallet, bag or even shoes. Like the others, it has a Sim card on board so it can track out and about outside the home.  Its a very lightweight device that weighs only 25 grams. It can be readily concealed because of its size.

The device has an accompanying app for ios, andrioid and PC and views the location on google maps in realtime. There is also the option to trach the device history up to 3 months in the past.

The battery lasts about 3 to 4 days and can be charged via USB.

The only downside is its fiddely to connect the USB This comes with magnetic stickers to help position it in a safe place. 

The tracker will also wait for your text message including a special code and will reply with the current location with a link to google maps.

Yepzon Freedom GPS tracker

Yepzon freedom GPS Car Key tracker - Best GPS Tracking Bracelet for Elderly
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This is one of the most expensive devices but also one of the most discreet, this looks like a simple car key fob but its a GPS tracking device. Like other products, the Freedom GPS tracker features an SOS button and has a sim card that works out of the box with various plans to suit so no messing around with various sim cards etc.

Depending on user settings the battery can last for up to weeks at a time this makes this device very appealing for elderly people not able to charge devices independently.

The device also uses wifi when indoors and the Finnish company slogan is “the easiest, securest and most stylish locating service on the market for you to keep safe what you value the most” 

Weenect – GPS Elderly Tracker

Weenect Elderly Tracker - Best GPS Tracking Bracelet for Elderly
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This device is specifically designed to track the elderly. This is a fully managed service where you purchase the device and a separate plan suited to you. It comes with a built-in SIM and the data plans come with the device registered separately and cover over 100 countries.

Looking at the device its very clear where the SOS button is so there is no mistake. It has an inbuilt sim card so it works outside the home as with the others the location of the device can be tracked on a map.

The battery on this is good and lasts up to 5 days.

As with some of the other devices, there is a call feature enabling you to phone the device and speak with the wearer in real-time.

This device from weenect is simple and functional, there are no quirks it does exactly what it needs to do it’s easy to use for the wearer and for the relative so keeping an eye on your elderly has never been simpler or easier. You can track your elderly relative using iPhone or android app in real-time. 

I really like weenect as a brand and I will review some of their other products available on the market. This isnt a strict bracelet but given all the options I would go with a device over the neck because it’s easier to wear. That’s why this makes it onto the best tracking devices for the elderly list.

What is the best tracking device for the Elderly?

As we age we all want to remain independent and stay in our own home. Using modern technology this is certainly possible with the support of loved ones to virtually monitor the elderly and frail. These are just a few of the best devices for tracking the elderly. Given the features and choices, we are certain you will find something that meets your needs.

One of the biggest challenges you may face is getting your loved one to accept help and wear the device so it is there if and when they need it. 

I often get asked if there is a tracking device for Alzheimer patients. I have written another guide on the Best GPS Bracelet For Alzheimer Patients

Other options available

Your elderly loved one may already have a device that is suitable for GPS tracking, most modern phones come with the ability to track them using technology like find my iPhone and many apps available..

If your loved one has a phone this may already be a cost-effective solution to being able to track them via GPS. I have another page for trackers for Altheimer patients.

You may have heard of ‘SOS Bracelet’ or ‘Talisman bracelet’ these hold your personal information in locket style jewellery. Whilst this is a low tech approach its still a valid and useful way to get information to medical personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Tracking Device for Elderly?

Having reviewed all the devices I would recommend the Weenect – GPS Elderly Tracker. Its purposely built for tracking the elderly and its clear Weenect have thought about usability.

Is there a tracking device for Alzheimer’s patients?

Yes and I have put a whole article together to go over all of the options. Best GPS Bracelet For Alzheimer Patients

What to do with dementia patients who wander?

60% of dementia patients will wander. Identify any specific times or places that the patient will wander. Provide supervision in new surroundings. Consider a GPS tracking device so they can be located quickly and safely.

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