Best GPS Bracelet For Alzheimer Patients

As we age life becomes more challenging. Our elderly loved ones can become more susceptible to diseases such as dementia and Alzheimers. As the global number of ageing and elderly people rises healthcare becomes more and more challenging. Age-related diseases often cause people to become disoriented and confused as well as losing memory. There is a way you can use technology to help this article covers the best GPS BRacelets for Alzheimer patients.

Help is here!

The good news is there are a number of products on the market to help locate your loved ones. This provides peace of mind when issues do arise. These devices are not only suitable for the elderly but also to help make carers and health professionals life easier.

GPS Tracker and Fall Alarm by Expert Tracker

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I love the GPS Tracker and Fall Alarm by Expert Tracker. This is one of those products that has been specially designed for this purpose. This GPS device is ideal for Altzheimer patients. From the wearers perspective, it’s small and compact so it won’t intrude or draw attention. One of the GPS Trackers key selling points is its size. Measuring just 45mm by 62mm by 17mm and weighs just 35 grams.

Battery Life

If you use the device all the time you get 18 to 24 hours of use. The GPS Tracker also has power-saving modes this means the battery will last 3 to 7 days.

The battery can also be changed and swapped out.

It’s not a completely sealed unit which is handly for long term constant use as well as maintenance.

GPS Device Features

The GPS tracker also comes with a docking station. It’s easy for the wearer to charge the device without any fiddly cables. Expert Tracker really have thought of everything. What I really like about this device is that you are not tied into a subscription. You can put your own sim card into the device so you are in control of the cost. This device has a sim card and uses of the mobile phone networks so it works outside the home.

It doesn’t matter if your Alzheimer patient has wandered off into the woods as long as they have the device they can be found.

Now for the end-user tracking the device there are many options available to help you support the Alzheimer patient.

GPS Tracking

Getting the location of the device is really easy, all you do is txt the device:

  • It replies with the location of the device
  • includes a google link to a map

The GPS Tracking device also features an SOS button. When the button is pressed by the wearer it will text authorised numbers with the words “HELP” and the location. It will then call each number in rotation until someone answers.

A lot of thought and development has gone into this device.

There is a separate call button on the tracker. When the button is pressed this will call one of the numbers and using the inbuilt microphone. They can speak with the patient by having a two-way conversation. The next important feature is the fall detection. This uses the inbuilt accelerometer to detect when the wearer has potentially fallen down and doesn’t move for 10 seconds.

GPS Device Summary

There is also a geo-fence setting so you can set a virtual fence so if the wearer strays from the set area i.e. home/town then the loved ones can be alerted. As you can see this device has it all, anywhere GPS tracker, two way communication, SOS button, fall detection, easy to charge and easy to manage. Its great value.

Hangang Mini GPS Tracker TK102B

This device whilst strictly not a bracelet but warrants a mention because it ticks a number of boxes to help you track Alzheimer patients using GPS. This device is:

  • Multifunctional
  • Can be fitted to a number of locations
  • Helpful to patients to find their vehicles.

This device is perfect to help solve these problems.

GPS Features

The Hangang tracker uses the mobile network so it works everywhere there is a mobile signal. You can fit your own SIM card in this device so you can swap to the best SIM plan for your needs. The GPS tracker works down to an accuracy of 5 meters so you can pinpoint the location of the patient or loved one easily. As with other devices, it features an SOS button that when pressed and held will text a series of numbers requesting for help including the location.

The GPS tracker works down to an accuracy of 5 meters so you can pinpoint the location of the patient or loved one easily

GPS Vehicle Options

If this device is fitted to a car it does have the option to send overspeeding alerts should there be issues with driving for the patient. The device also features a magnetic cover enabling you to fix this to metal surfaces easily.

The Hangang GPS tracker does have a built-in microphone enabling you to listen in to the patient if an alarm is triggered

This device still has its place but its one difference from the Expert tracker is that it has a USB charging that can be fiddly for patients to charge.

The size of the device is 12.3cm x 10.2cm x 5.2cm and weighs 120g it is one of the cheapest devices and given its ability to fit in different places this is a good option or even an additional option for a vehicle at good value.

TKSTAR Mini Portable GPS Tracker

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The TKSTAR Mini Portable GPS Tracker is another good value option for tracking your Alzheimer patient or loved one.

This can be used as a necklace and is small at only 5cm x 5cm x 1.8cm weighing just 50g. It’s also waterproof to IP66 Standards.

There are no tie-ins on the SIM card options as you can install your own sim card.

This can be a realtime tracker and comes with apps for iphone and android.

What I particularly like about this device is the buttons are big and well placed so those with finger joint problems will still find this easy to use. The Red SOS button allows the wearer to contact the carer or loved one by holding the button. This sends a link to specified phones so they can see the current location. The battery life on this device is good rated up to 180 hours on standby.

Watchovers Live GPS Smart Watch / Bracelet

Now I really like this device, the bracelet watch from watchover is a great choice because it does exactly what you need it to do when it comes to tracking Alzheimer patients. Let’s review, firstly its a watch that is worn on the wrist so it’s inconspicuous and isn’t as easy to accidentally remove, forget, left or get lost. It’s not a big device either at only 13mm thick and isn’t heavy on the wrist.

It has a sim card in and works everywhere, outside the home, down the town, on the bus etc.

It looks like a watch and yes it does tell the time but it also does way more than that.

For example if the wearer gets in trouble or needs help they can press the SOS button on the watch and it will call a set phone number it has a built-in microphone and speaker so you can have a voice two way communication with the wearer so this device is especially handy if the wearer has forgotten their phone or lost it. It has built-in GPS so you can see where the wearer is at all times.

CPR Guardian 2 GPS Smartwatch For Seniors

It’s fair to say I have left the best until last, this is by far the most expensive but also the most feature-packed device I am reviewing today. The CPR Guardian 2 Smartwatch for seniors is the daddy of the GPS bracelets and here is why.

The device like others has an SOS feature where the wearer can call the emergency contacts using the red button and have a two-way communication voice call nothing new here.

The CPR Guardian 2 Smartwatch for seniors is the daddy of the GPS bracelets

What is new is the built-in heart rate monitor that is constantly giving feedback every 10 minutes and sends data to the mobile app “CPR Guardian II” if a low heart rate is detected it will notify the remove mobile device through the app and send a warning.

Through the app, you can also track the wearer’s movements over the last few days and playback the history. The Guardian 2 is also water-resistant so can be worn in the shower or bath. The battery life is good clocking in at two days use between charges and no fiddley cables with this one it has a magnetic charging dock. This device ticks all boxes and whilst its the most expensive being reviewed today its certainly the best. 

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