What Are Wireless Earbuds?

It’s likely you will have heard of earbuds no we are not talking about cotton wool on a stick. What I mean is wireless Earbud headphones. Due to advances in technology wireless earbuds are now very affordable and sales are exploding. If you want to know everything about wireless earbuds a new wearable gadget read on to get the answers. These are at such a good price point right now they make an ideal gift.

What Are Wireless Earbuds?

Wireless Earbuds are headphones you wear in your ear that have no wires. You connect the earbuds using Bluetooth and are commonly used with mobile devices and music streaming devices. The earbuds have batteries built-in and commonly come with a docking station to charge them. Many earbuds also have a built-in microphone this added feature allows you to make and receive calls from your phone. I always recommend looking out for inbuild microphone when purchasing wireless earbuds.

Are Earbuds Or Headphones Better?

The other alternative to earbuds is wireless headphones, these are the headphones that are linked by a band that goes over the head. There are pros and cons to each.

Headphones Advantages

  • Bulkier so less likely to get lost
  • Generally, a larger device so better battery depends on the model

Earbuds Advantages

  • Lighter to carry and wear
  • discreet

How Do Wireless Earbuds Work?

Each earbud has its own battery and speaker and is inserted like regular earbuds into the outer ear. A good fit is important due to the onboard battery they are slightly heavier to wear.

The wireless earbuds will need to be paired with your music device by Bluetooth. This is different for the type of earbuds so refer to your manufacturer’s instructions.

The Bluetooth wireless range varies but usually works within a 10-meter range so you can have your phone in your pocket or bag and still listen to music.

Earbuds are normally charged by putting them back in the charging case. The charging case usually has an onboard battery that will charge the earbuds a number of times. When the case runs out of battery you simply charge the case by plugging it into a power source.

Can Earbuds make you deaf?

I get asked this question a lot as well as can earbuds cause hearing loss. The reality is they are no different than any other headphones or earbuds. You have to listen to them at the recommended volume level and not wear them for extended periods.

Are Wireless Earbuds Safe?

There have been all kinds of new stories about the harmful effects of wireless earbuds. The truth is that these are no different than using a mobile phone all day or a Bluetooth headset. Yes there are precautions you can take such as:

  • Limiting use
  • Switch to phone when expecting long phone calls

What About Sound Quality?

The sound quality is normally very good this depends on the model you choose. Another worthwhile feature to look out for is Noise Cancellation. This reduces the outside ambient noise. This gives clear sound when your out and about.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Earbuds Hurt My Ears

Getting a good fit is key. When purchasing earbuds always look for the models that have different sized earbuds so you can get the right fit. Sometimes its a case of trying a slightly bigger earbud and not pushing them in as far.

How to pair wireless earbuds

The process of connecting Bluetooth earbuds varies slightly but commonly you will need to.
1. Enable Bluetooth on the phone.
2. Remove Earbuds from charging station
3. Turn on Earbuds
4. Search for Bluetooth devices on your phone
5. Press connect

One of my earbuds has stopped working

This is common. Check to ensure that it’s been correctly docked in the charging station and that it has a power light. You may need to run it through a charge cycle again.

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