What Are IP Water Ratings?

I will cover waterproof rating codes for IP in this article, what they are, and how they are used to rate devices. You may have seen IP codes on items you purchased without realizing what they represent. Never fear help is here!

Origin Of The IP Code

IP Code is short for International Protection Marking. The IP code is a rating system that is internationally recognized. The system classifies the level of protection a device has against certain elements. The code is two letters IP followed by two numbers. Sometimes the first number is masked as an x. I will explain this in the next section.

The IP Code Is Not Just For Water

The IP code has two numbers. The First number represents the level of solid particle protection. As example dust, grit, fingers etc.

XNot Rated
0No Protection
1 Protected against objects larger than 50mm
2 Protected against objects larger than 12mm
3 Protected against objects larger than 2.5mm
4 Protected against objects larger than 1mm
5Partial Protection against dust and other particulates.
6Total Protection against dust and particulates

IP Codes for Water Protection

The second digit is for water protection, from mist to splashes to full-blown submersion… these are the levels of protection behind the numbers.

XNo data available
0None – not rated
1Protected against verticle falling drops
2Protected against verticle falling drops when the device is tilted by 15 degrees in 4 axes.
3Protected against sprays of water from any direction
4Protected from water splash in any direction
5Protected against low-pressure jets from all directions
6Protected against water jets from any direction
7Protected against short immersion in water
8Protected against long immersion in water

Common IP Codes and what they mean

I have been through the different IP code meanings for each digit. Now lets go through some example products and codes.

This smartwatch is IP68 rated so it has a solid rating of 6 and a water rating of 8, using our tables.

Total Protection against dust and particulates and Protected against long immersion in water


I hope this article has given you all the information you need on the different IP ratings available. Should you have any further questions please contact me and I will answer and update this article. Thanks for reading.

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