How To Fix GPS Signal Problems

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a revolution. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a signal. The other week I was heading out in my car using my android phone and google maps for directions when it kept cutting out. This was ok in certain roads but when it comes to relying on this for directions its frustrating.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using directions or using GPS for tracking a loved one or teenager there are things you can do to help fix it.

How does GPS Work!

before we get into fixes we need to understand how GPS works. A network of satellites orbits the earth. Your GPS device (Phone, Satnav, Tracker) listens for these radio signals and needs at least 3 signals to be able to know where in the world you are.

Fix 1: Restart

Firstly try turning off the GPS device and back on again, there is sometimes the option to disable the GPS and re-enable this can help.

Fix 2: Update the software

Sometimes a software update will fix issues, you will need to refer to the manufacturer instructions for this but its usually simple to do in a settings menu.

Fix 3: Remove Cases

Removing your device’s case can sometimes help to depend on the material used it might be blocking the signal or putting pressure on internal components.

Fix 4: Check Battery or Power Modes

is the battery low or has insufficient power? Try fully charging the device or checking power modes to see if its in low power.

Fix 5: Check Settings?

Some GPS trackers and mobile devices come with extra tracking options to use wifi or boosting the single with different settings. These include cache clearing options.

Possible Fault

if you have done all the above things and it’s still not helping consider contacting the manufacturer or researching online to see if the specific model is known for having faults. The manufacturer may offer a replacement depending on warranty details or advice on how to fix your specific device.

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