Garmin Vivofit Jr. Review


So you are considering a smartwatch for your child? The folks at Garmin just pulled off another coup by releasing an activity tracker primarily designed for the younger generation. Vivofit Jr., as it’s referred to is one size, fits all kid’s bracelet style kind of activity tracker designed to motivate your kids to take part in at least sixty minutes of activity each day.

As soon as you connect it to your smartphone, the tracker can remind your kid to brush their teeth, do their homework, etc., via the TASKS functionality. Apart from reminding kids to do their tasks, you as a parent are also in a position to set REWARDS that will enable your child to earn redeemable “coins.” Your child will get to redeem the coins in exchange for a reward that both parties had previously agreed upon. Please also check out my other article Best Smartwatches for Kids.


This tracker features a tiny 11mm x 11mm, black and white display accompanied by a button below it. Weighing 17.5g, the device is quite lightweight and Vivofir Jr. display is easily visible even when viewed under direct sunlight. It comes with a resolution of 64 X 64 pixels.

When all’s said and done, the Garmin Vivofit Jr activity tracker is quite robust and has been made to withstand all manner of bashes and bumps, which it’s bound to start facing in no time.

Kids can take it everywhere they go, from the swimming pool to the playground without causing any damage. Its waterproof rating stands at 50 meters of water or 5 ATM. It comes in two main band styles:

  • the stretchy band for kids between the ages of four and seven years
  • the adjustable traditional buckle, intended for older kids. Both styles are made using highly durable silicone.

The good thing about its tracking module is that it can easily be detached and placed on other bands. It’s also possible for you to do the reverse if you are interested in using the newer adventure-themed bands on previous models of this device.

Overall, the tracker comes with six different themes. You can choose the theme to acquire based on what your kid likes.


Below I will cover some of the features available:

In-App Adventures

Your kids will have an opportunity to have fun and at the same time also become adventurous. All niche games have been strategically developed to ensure that your kid first gets to perform certain physical activities prior to being allowed to complete a given level. It’s quite efficient when it comes to encouraging your child to become more active.


Many parents will attest that they find it troublesome trying to make their kids perform certain chores. By using this device, you will be better placed to set up chores for your kids at regular intervals. Your kid will also receive an alert asking them to do the chores at that particular time.

Activity Tracking

This particular tracker has been designed to support accelerometer-based tasks, e.g., calculating active time and counting steps. Included in its design is a reminder to participate in a sixty-minute long mandatory activity.

In-App Rewards

It comes with a coin rewarding system that any parent will find quite beneficial. It basically allows you to make deals with your kids, such as encouraging them to earn a certain amount of coins within a set timeframe for them to redeem them at a future date.

Sleep Monitoring

The band is capable of tracking awake time, light sleep, and deep sleep. It then prepares a detailed report that is then submitted to the parents. When you check all its metrics and give special attention to the awake time, you will be able to tell how the child is sleeping at night.

Toe-to-Toe Challenge

Which kid doesn’t love a challenge? Your child can synchronize their tracker with that of a nearby friend, and then have the friend come over for a head-to-head challenge. Alternatively, they could also opt to set personal records which they would then attempt to beat on their next try.

Clock Features

It’s important for every child to learn how to tell the time. By using this device, it will not be long before your kid is able to tell the date and time. This is in addition to learning other essential clock features, e.g., stopwatch, timer, and alarm.

Sedentary Reminder

Sitting idle for extended durations is never good for your child’s health. A ‘Move Bar’ has been included in the device whose main role is to calculate the entire period of time that the child has been inactive. It then recommends that the child takes a few minutes’ walks to help reset the bar.


Whenever a parent is looking for a product or device for their children, the emphasis is always on sturdiness and its ability to look apart. The Vivofit Jr. possesses both attributes and has been seen to be quite seamless both underwater and on land. Its small display and accompanying button for use in changing the display settings means that a lot of emphases has been placed on ease of usability. Not forgetting the fact that its bands are quite impressive as well.

Even though the original release came with a limited number of brands, it wasn’t long before new band styles hit the market. These bands can either be purchased as separate items or together with the tracker. Make sure to choose a band style based on what your child prefers, and not what you think looks good.

Battery Life

If there is one department where this gadget has truly aced it, then it has to be on its battery life. It comes with a non-rechargeable battery designed to last for as long as twelve months or one year. When it eventually runs out, the only available option is to replace the one in place with another one. The battery is also replaceable. It uses a standard CR1632 and this is something you can do yourself. Here are the instructions.

The gadget is able to connect to its app via Bluetooth, a feature that is available on Amazon Fire, iOS, and Android devices. Its internal memory is capable of storing data for up to a month or four weeks. You will, however, need to manually synchronize the data with the app to ensure that it remains up to date.

Parental App

You will find that there is a lot more to this gadget for both parents and their kids as soon as you delve into its accompanying smartphone app. For parents that have already been using these devices, they can log in and access their existing data to assist them to simplify the overall setup process.

The parental application makes it easier for the parent to take charge of various settings such as reviewing data, syncing, and adding multiple files. However, you also have a chance to open up additional access to your children as well. This has been made possible through the Kid Mode.

Its aim is to provide kids using the tracker with limited access, which is granted after typing in a passcode. Entering the passcode provides the kid with an opportunity to tick off chores and also complete their game adventures. You can set up a profile as soon as you have finished pairing off the device. Profile setup includes choosing an avatar, selecting something from your camera roll or even taking a photo. This app has been described by some in the industry as a departure from the designers’ Connect app.

The reason for this is that the app is more streamlined and has also proven to be brighter. If you want to see a snapshot of all the settings, activity minutes, chores, and rewards, all you need to do is to visit the main screen area. Additionally, a Leaderboard Tab is also present where parents can view the step counts associated with all users who are assigned to a given account.

Adult step counts can also be viewed from this Leaderboard Tab. The Activity section allows you to see hourly activity, steps, and active minutes. A separate screen has been included to help you determine the total amount of sleep. Parents that want to create a physical reward, e.g., buy a new game or go for a bike ride should navigate to the rewards section.

This is also where you get to set the total amount of virtual coins that your child needs to earn for them to unlock any given reward. While this is not a new feature in this range of trackers, it’s something that is not available in many other trackers providing similar services.


A closer look at the owner’s manual reveals that the manufacturer has provided a limited warranty. It goes on to state that it’s warranted to be free from any form of defects in workmanship or materials for a period of one year from the date it was purchased. During this period, the manufacturer will at their sole discretion replace or repair any components or parts that may fail in the course of normal use.


Garmin Vivofit Jr. is an excellent activity tracker in that its motivational, informative, fun, and is highly recommended for children who would like to track their day-to-day activities.

The manufacturer has managed to combine function, form, and fun and to produce a fitness band that is like no other in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Is The Garmin Vivofit Jr. For?

The age range is 4 to 9.

Does Vivofit Jr. Have GPS Tracking?

No there is no GPS tracking feature on this smartwatch

What Happens When Vivofit Jr. Battery Dies?

You can replace the battery yourself

Does The Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 Tell The Time?

Yes the Vivofit tells the time

How Does Garmin Vivofit JR Track Sleep?

Yes there is a built in motion detection to measure movement whilst sleeping.