Do I Need A SmartWatch?

Smartwatches are everywhere! Advertising is big and sales are increasing. If you find yourself asking “Do I need a smartwatch?” then this is the right article for you.

Everyone loves a nice watch! A smartwatch turns heads and because they have now evolved this is a great time to start looking at what is available.

What is a Smartwatch?

We all know what a watch is, it tells the time, some models also have other features like calendar and are waterproof. Smartwatches are up and coming and you have most likely started to see more and more people wearing them. A smartwatch usually has one or more the following features:

  • a colour screen
  • health tracking features such as heartbeat tracking
  • GPS
  • Movement Tracking
  • Bluetooth
  • Step counter
  • Touch Screen

My phone does this, Do I need a SmartWatch?

You might be thinking well my phone does this do I really need a watch to do it as well. The answer isn’t simple but “it depends”.

A smartwatch really starts to deliver value when you combine it with a phone. What this means is that a smartwatch is an excellent complement to a phone because they work together to make things easier.

As an example, if you are exercising and don’t want to carry a phone the watch will still track your workouts, enabling you to listen to music, alert you to messages, and keep you motivated.

What about apps?

A lot of smartwatches especially mid to high end watches come with apps that you can download. Let’s give some examples.

  • Spotify – Listen to music on your watch
  • Google Maps – Find where you are and get directions with maps
  • Hole19 – Track your golf game
  • And Many Many more!

What about battery life?

Let’s be honest battery life on our devices can be an issue. Smartphones need to be charged and so do smartwatches. Batter life on high-end models can be up to two weeks and some can be as little as a day. This all varies on usage, a lot of models come with docking stations where you can place your watch at the end of the day so it will charge overnight.

Will it improve my life?

Again it depends, a lot of people would be lost without their smartwatch. I would personally start with a budget to a mid-range device to see how you get on and then consider a high-end model as time goes on. You really need to use one of these to find out how it will fit into your life.

Do I need a SmartWatch?

The chances are if you are into fitness, music and always on the go then a smartwatch may be an excellent companion to pair with your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can A Smartwatch Do Without A Phone?

Quite a lot but it depends on the model of your phone. Some smartwatch features require a connection to your phone to work. I would expect the main features of smartwatch such as health and fitness data to work without the phone connection. As smartwatches evolve I would expect to see them work more and more without the need for a phone.

Do Smartwatches Need A Data Plan?

A lot of the top-end smart watches have sim cards that require a data plan. As an example, specific apple smartwatch models have a sim card meaning they work without needing a phone and require an additional data plan.

Can You Text On A SmartWatch?

The majority of smartwatches that are paired with a smartphone will allow you to text from your watch. Please check the manufactures manual for specifics.

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