Best SmartWatch for Cycling

While cycling, it is imperative to maintain accurate records. This would be essential particularly while you are trying to achieve your workout objectives. There are numerous smartwatch options available but not all are suitable for cycling. Fear not we have been through all of the smartwatches available to identify the best ones suitable for cycling.

There has been a significant advancement to smartwatches at present which will allow you to do all these without much effort at all.

Below, we have provided a comprehensive review of the top 5 most in-demand smartwatches for cycling out there in 2019.

1. Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch

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This astounding smartwatch manufactured by Garmin makes use of the innovative Garmin Elevate heart rate technology for measuring the heartbeat around the clock which will provide you with the option to run without any strap whatsoever. You can in some stores purchase this smartwatch for cycling with a kit that lets you mount it to your bike making it a truly multipurpose device. The vibrantly coloured gauge is going to identify your heartbeat zone as well as heart rate every single minute in real-time.

The distance you cycle is calculated by an inbuilt accelerometer and will provide you with essential information when you are cycling.

The watch is able to eliminate recovery time and will predict your time for the race for a particular distance while used along with the heartbeat. It will also provide you with audio prompts for lap times.

Once you have finished cycling or running, the smartwatch will double in the role of an activity tracker while counting calories and steps all through the day. It would also remind you to make movements after remaining seated for more than one hour. The watch can work with GPS as well as GLONASS satellites and it can help to look at your particular position accurately and quickly irrespective of whether you are running in the wilderness or cycling in the city.

This is an amazing product from Garmin which also allow you to personalize your timepiece as well as your training.

It is a fact that all runners and cyclists differ from each other along with their objectives. It is possible to set yourself so as to achieve your targets by downloading advanced training plans and workouts to the smartwatch from Garmin Connect. You can also personalize the face of the timepiece using a photograph from your mobile gadget.

The watch will also provide you with Smart notifications and you will be able to see any incoming text message, email, call alert, call reminder and so on from your compatible mobile device.


• Lighter smartwatch

• Activity tracking feature

• Heart rate monitor system which is wrist-based


• Average design

• Works only for the runners

• Is not multi-sport friendly

2. Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch

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This is yet another product from Garmin that has become popular amongst the cyclists across the globe. This lightweight and ultra-thin smartwatch comes with a high-resolution touchscreen which is appropriate for cycling, running, golf, and other activity monitoring apps which will monitor your progress at each and every stage of your cycle route.

While the running feature is going to monitor your time, distance and pace, the cycling feature will enable you to measure the same things as well.

The incredible and revolutionary activity tracker will count your calories burned, steps are taken, as well as distance travelled all through the day. Apart from this, the move bar notification feature will remind you to make movements while you’re sitting idly for quite some time.

You can make use of this product either on its own or along with your smartphone (however it has to be within a distance of at least 9 m from the mobile device). This will notify you gently to any incoming call, email, as well as text messages along with notifications from mobile applications and social media.

This astounding smartwatch is going to sync automatically along with your mobile gadget at particular times during the day. Last but not least, this product has been manufactured from sophisticated materials including thermoplastic polyurethane and stainless steel which we find in other products of the company as well. It also includes other materials like silicon which is ideal for skin contact.


• Comfy to put on

• GPS tracking feature

• Plenty of metrics to digest


• Step count is not up to the mark

• Web and App interface should have been somewhat clearer

3. MorePro GPS Sports Watch

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This incredible GPS Sports Watch manufactured by MorePro features inbuilt GPS along with as many as 17 sports modes. The watch is going to adopt the innovative dual GPS and Glonass technology for mapping your biking pace even without any mobile phone. There are 17 sports modes as well including time, distance, laps, strokes, gallery, energy mode, average speed, and so on. This watch is ideal for cycling.

This product is 100% waterproof and will allow you to enjoy all types of water activities without any problem at all.

However, make it a point not to wear this watch in hot water. Apart from this, it also includes an innovative 9-axis sensor which will track your activity times, calories burned, as well as your daily steps with 100 percent precision.

The battery life is quite long and you can use the watch for approximately one week to 10 days on simply one battery charge. The display screen happens to be 1.3 inches and the adjustable lighting facilities will allow you to have a unique experience while you are putting it on. It will be able to reflect your personal style effectively as well. Apart from this, the watch also provides a breathtaking instant notification feature along with other innovative options.

The screen will allow you to see all the essential information that you need while cycling. Other features are also offered by this smartwatch including fatigue verification, stopwatch, remote photograph, and so forth.


• In-built GPS and 17 sports modes

• 9-axis tracker and IP68 waterproof

• Battery life is long

• Instant notification feature


• According to some users, the sensors are not that accurate.

• The screen is somewhat smaller in size

4. FitBit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

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Despite the fact that the company claims this watch to be appropriate for both the genders, this will look much better on the hands of the ladies rather than that of the men. It features a unique square dial along with a touchscreen interface and will be able to store as well as play more than 300 songs without any help from a mobile device.

This timepiece will be able to track every activity that we do on a daily basis such as calories burned, steps taken, heart rate as well as our slumber.

Moreover, it will be possible to select from more than 15 workout modes for tracking in real-time by making use of the innovative SmrtTrack feature. This makes is one of the best smartwatches for cycling. There is also an inbuilt GPS facility which will allow tracking your calories accurately. It will be possible to log all of your biking info by utilizing the cutting-edge Fitbit application and will also inform you regarding some daily habits like your slumber patterns, your present weight, and any other health issue. One single battery charge will allow you to use this device for more than four days at a stretch.


• Appears really cool and appropriate for the women

• Activity tracking feature

• Inbuilt GPS facility

• Continual monitoring of heart rate

• Storing and playing songs is also possible

• The device can function for more than 4 days on a single battery charge


• Does not look that good on men

• Somewhat expensive although the tracking is accurate

5. Huawei GPS Smartwatch

This hugely popular smartwatch includes an incredible 1.39-inches AMOLED touchscreen. On top of this, the battery life of the product happens to be approximately two weeks which is quite a bit as compared to the other similar products out there. It will help you to monitor your health anytime you like all through the day and comes with 24 hours continual heart rate monitoring, slumber monitoring, as well as several indoor and outdoor activities for maintaining your fitness levels. The watch also provides you with personal coaching and you’ll be getting advanced courses as well as training guidance. This watch is also a good all rounder and makes the list of the best smartwatch for cycling.

Moreover, you will not find it difficult to locate any unknown area anymore. This industry watch from HUAWEI will allow you to figure out your position accurately with the assistance of three Satellite positioning systems. Moreover, it is 100% waterproof and you can use it while cycling in rough weather conditions easily.

Once you connect the smartwatch to your smartphone, you will be capable of personalizing more than one setting for your smartwatch and you will gain access to the user guidelines too.


• Comparatively affordable

• Incredibly long battery life

• An absence of any WearOS


• No third-party application accessibility

• Absence of any tap-to-pay service


All these devices mentioned above offer innovative features and cover various options as well. These astounding heart-monitoring watches will also provide comprehensive training guidelines as well as statistics. Hopefully, after going through this article you will not have any difficulty in selecting the right smartwatch for cycling. However, you can go online and look at the reviews from the past users so as to make a sensible decision while buying the product.

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