Best GPS Tracker for Cycling

I always prefer to wander off into the woods and wilderness with my bike. It is one of my favorite pastime activities. I’m not sure about you, but I like to be completely alone when I’m out in the wilderness. That is why; I refrain from any human interaction. Finding the right GPS device is crucial, I will cover the best GPS tracker for cycling. On any cycling trip, it helps me go on uncharted paths and reach back to my home safely.

Do you prefer to have the same experience when it comes to cycling?

If yes, a bike GPS is a necessity. But the question is, which is the right one? If you search for one, you will come across numerous options. It can be quite an endeavour to pick the right one.

I will help you out with my experience. Here we have constructed a list of top 5 Best bike GPS tracker options which you can consider. With the help of this list, it will be easy to make the right buying decision.

1. Garmin Edge 520 Plus Advanced GPS

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The Garmin is a multinational company having decades of history behind it. Garmin manufactures GPS devices explicitly for a wide variety of industries including automotive, marine, sports, outdoor and even aviation. Garmin is also stepping into the wearable technology industry.

That is why, when you’re looking for a reliable option, it does not get any better than this.

Yet the Garmin Edge 530 is a great device because of its navigation alerts. Also, the GPS tracker also consists of a preloaded cycle map which means that it is easy to use. This device can guide you turn by turn that allows you to reach your destination with ease. Also, it is compatible with Strava. I prefer its off-road feature which helps me explore the wilderness and the bike tracks which are out in the woods.


One of the unique features is that it can record data from your previous trips and allow you to compete with it to reach your goal faster. With the help of live track and Group Track technology, it is perfect when you’re going on a bicycling trip with your friends. This GPS tracker offers a rider to rider messaging as well, which means that it will facilitate communication between the group. It has a built-in incident detector makes it a safety device as well.

With the battery life of 15 hours and the sensors to monitor various metrics like:

  • speed
  • heart rate
  • distance

Garmin Edge 520 Plus can provide you with a wide variety of data. With so many features and specially designed for solo and group trips, it is a tracking device which you cannot ignore.


• Special cycling module

• Suitable for on-road and off-road experiences

• Provides rider to rider messaging application

• Consists of various sensors

• A built-in incident detection system

• 15 hours of battery life


• Limited instructions

2. Mio Cyclo 210 GPS Bike Computer

Do you find the ordinary GPS screen hard to read while cycling? If yes, this one will solve your problem. The Mio Cyclo 210 GPS Bike consists of a 3.5-inch antiglare touchscreen. Mio Cyclo has an antiglare screen means that you can use it under the sunlight as well. Mio Cyclo 210 has a touchscreen that is responsive, which allows you to control various functions with ease.

One feature which I like the most about this bike computer is the surprise me mode.

If you select the surprise-me mode, it will automatically select the route for you. It will surprise you with a new path.

It comes pre-installed with full European maps which mean that wherever you go, you can get the vicinity data with ease. With Strava compatibility, you can easily share your trips and data with your friends online. Device battery life is of 10 hours which means that it can last throughout the day with ease.

Mio Cyclo 210 GPS tracker for cycling tracks various parameters like:

  • calories burned
  • distance
  • time
  • speed

As a result, you can record all the metrics about your trip with ease. It not just offers you the data regarding the cycle paths but also emergency locations, food and beverage outlets, bike shops and more. As a result, it caters to all your travel needs. However, the reason why it is so high on my list is because of the surprise me feature and Strava compatibility.


• Strava compatibility

• Surprise me feature

• Monitors vital metrics

• Provides much more information than just the cycle path


• Battery charging time is long

3. Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

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The main advantage of this GPS bike computer is that it can download the roads automatically. You can also upload the data to 3rd party apps like RideWithGPS, Strava, Singletracks and many more. I prefer it due to the kind of integration which it provides with various apps.

What I really like is the LED notifications on the screen mean that you will be able to notice every alert. You can create a route and get a pop up every time there is a new alert.

With a display size of 2.7 inches means that you will not miss any vital metric. Additionally, it has an IPX 7 rating, which means that it is waterproof up to 5 feet.


Wireless operation means that it offers Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. In order to charge the device you have to plug it in. You can set it up with the companion app, which means that you will not struggle with the setup process at all. You can even integrate your smartphone to calls, text and email alerts. It means that even when you’re on your bike, you will not miss any of them. If you’re looking for a smart GPS computer for your bike trips, you cannot ignore this option.


• Excellent integration with various platforms

• IPX 7 waterproof rating

• LED notifications

• Wireless operation


• Limited off-road guidance

4. Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Computer:

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This next option on my list is another one from Garmin edge. As it is a reputed brand, you can be sure that it will not only be good enough but can stand the test of time. One of the main USP of this device is that it is lightweight and is highly sensitive. That is why it will update your location in real-time and will guide you.

When it comes to the metrics which it measures, these include:

  • location
  • calories burned
  • speed
  • distance
  • time

You can even set alerts for these metrics so that you can reach your goals and notice once you achieve them.


With the help of the courses feature, you can challenge your previous ride time as well. As a result, every time you’re on the same road, you can easily do better.

This device is compatible with the Garmin connect community. As a result, you can not only share your ride data but also get reviews on your ride so that you can improve consistently. One of the great things about this device is that it can store ride data up to 130 hours.

Want to go for a challenging cycle path? If yes, then you can use the challenge-me mode. It will download the ride data from other Garmin Connect users. As a result, you can virtually compete with them.

This feature alone can help you increase your cycling time and take up more and more challenging paths every time you go on a trip.

This device has a large memory along with the “challenge me” mode means that it is one of the best GPS which you can use for bike trips.


• Challenge me mode on offer

• Can store ride data for 130 hours

• Measures various metrics

• Goal-based tracking


• Climbing/Height detection sensor is not accurate

5. Beeline – the bike computer:

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Are you looking for a bike computer with a clean interface? If yes, this bike computer will meet your requirements. It is available in 3 colour options. Besides that, you can get almost all the information in a single glance.

On the screen, you will get information regarding:

• Journey progress

• Next turn

• Current direction

• Mode selection

• Distance to next turn

• Unit information


As a result, you will not have to tweak the settings or operate it during the journey. What i really like is the simple interface this is why it has made to this list. Also, it consists of various sensors and tracking devices like timer, clock, odometer, and speedometer.

The sturdiness of this tracker is second to none. It offers a 30-hour battery life. It means that you will not have to charge it again and again.

Additionally, it is waterproof and shockproof, which is another advantage.

You can easily import data from Google, Strava and various other apps on social networks. You can similarly record all your ride details and upload them strava.

With the help of its inbuilt app, you will be able to not only track your ride but also share the same with your friends. As a result, your friends can monitor your trip and keep your track. It means that there is a safety feature on offer as well.

When it comes to installation, you need to use the strap which comes along with it to mount it on your bike. Hence, there will be no need to modify your bike or to go through any cumbersome installation process. Whichever feature you might look for in a GPS computer for bikes is present in this one.


• Easy to install

• Works with various apps

• 30-hour battery life

• Consists of various sensors


• Product finish could have been better


When you next think about going on a cycling trip, do make sure that you choose any between these 5 GPS computers before heading out. These can make your journey easier.

It is time to have the authentic cycling experience in any area you want with these GPS computers. If you want the best of both worlds consider a smartwatch for cycling instead.

So, what are you waiting for? Do get one of these today to make your cycling trips more fun.

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