Best Fitness Bands For Swimming

A fitness band is a gadget to track different body parameters for an individual throughout the day. Any wearable fitness tracker demands that a band provides a better understanding of the information he gathers in order to enter physiological data such as their weight, height, gender. This article will cover the best fitness band for swimming.

There is a need for a fitness tracker for swimming. It’s highly water-resistant and won’t get damaged by washing your hands, swimming, taking a bath or raining on your wrist.

This personalization helps to process the fitness tracker data. Some sensors can be added to a tracker but are usually used to determine body movements. 

If you’re after the best fitness band for swimming at the beginning of the new year, you are lucky! We have all fitness bands compiled up, all of them able to help you get the data that you want to keep to your determinations. 

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Fitness Band for swimming of the year. So, here we go!

Honor Band 5

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For several years Honor has been in the wearables business and launched five smart bands of the century. Band 4 grows on paper; it retains all of the most important functions while enhancing battery life and increasing monitoring for more events. The new Honor Band 5.

The Honor Band 5 is Huawei’s latest sub-brand offering to hit the market.

This is a bare-bones system with just a few main features and functions and will not draw trackers to keep an eye on every part of their fitness and health. Nonetheless, if you only want the highlights, such as step counts and bedtime, it could be just right for you–and its limitations can be seen in its quality because it is one of the cheapest fitness trackers on the market.

Concerning Honor Band 5, Honor has introduced several premium features, including an improved display, but it is a wearable app which corrects some problems in Honor Band 4. The Honor band 5 is an ideal companion for swimming. It has a waterproof rating of AM5 and it water resistant to 50 meters. It includes a swim stroke detection to help track your swim.

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Fitfort Fitness Tracker

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The smart activity tracker monitors your blood pressure, your heart rate, your daily fitness level and the work toward a healthier lifestyle with the Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Fitfort Fitness Tracker!

This tracker is needed for either IOS 8.0 or higher, for Android 4.4 or higher. Please note that the fitness bracelet must only use Ipad or tablet to connect to smartphones. The fitness test will calculate the blood pressure by incorporating groundbreaking Matter Sensing technology. The fitness trackers can monitor your health, heart rate, sleep quality and more. Serve as your healing secretary to remind you after a long time of working, playing or drinking. Fitfort fitness tracker comes with integrated USB plug and no charging cable, just easily detach the band from the band and insert the integrated USB plug into a USB charger.

This device comes with an IP68 water resistance rating so its fine to be submerged in water for 30 minutes. But unlike other devices it doesn’t have a specific mode for swimming.

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Fitbit Charge 3

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Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the best fitness tracking devices the company offers in the band size and offers the best experience. The Fitbit Charge 3 offers a wide range of workout modes along with a more lightweight sleep and heart rate monitoring than the Fitbit Charge 2. It’s also a bigger screen and waterproof. Depending on which edition you select, the fitness tracker comes in various bands. While the physical changes are slight, aesthetically, it still changes when it is on the wrist.

Whether you choose a leather or the silicone watch band, the Charge 3 looks great for a workout. It’s worthy if you live in Australia with Fitbit Pay coverage for all models of the Fitbit Charge 3. But those who live in the USA and the UK will have to choose to use the payment services in the Special Edition. 

The charge 3 is a great choice for swimming because not only is it waterproof to 50 meters but it also has some great app options. You can enter your pool length and it will track the swim length, distance, duration and pace. To see more details please see the official Fitbit guide online.

If a Fitbit is of interest to you please check out my other guide on best Fitbit for ladies.

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Yamay Fitness Tracker

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The fitness tracker Yamay has been developed quite well. The band is made of TPE, which is a rubber/plastic combination, which is certainly not bad as this ensures that the band is flexible but uncomfortable to wear. In comparison to a typical watch-style tie, the band clips together with two buttons. It may be a little painful to get on, but once you hang up, you won’t have any trouble to charge once a week.

The principal component (except with a small screwdriver) of the fitness tracker is embedded in the package. It is not removable. Usually, the tracker’s main body has to be removed to charge with fitness trackers.

It helps you to retain sleek and elegant styles and also encourages you to swap bracelets as and when. This means, though, that the tracker must be constantly inserted into and out of the band-which causes problems due to the band’s gradual misforming.

The heart rate sensor and the two-pin power connector are located on the rear side of the device. The power connector works pretty well, and I’ve got no problems putting the unit on a charge. It works quite well. 

The screen is quite small. It won’t compete for any prizes at 0.49′′ and black and white only. It’s pretty good, but essential functionality! The fact that the display is an OLED means that everything shown on the screen, even under direct sunlight, is clear and easy to read.

Two buttons are on the tracker: a hard, clicky button is on the right, and a capacitive tactile button is located in the middle of the unit. All give the same feature, the only difference being that the physical button will place the unit in “ultra standby mode.”

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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The Mi Band 4 is almost unlike its predecessor. Both have the same aesthetic style, with some subtle changes made by Xiaomi. The first up is the absence of an indent to monitor the display at the bottom of the screen. The Mi Band 4 is fitted with a smaller button which is in the same place.  The most important upgrade is the screen itself: the Mi Band 4 is equipped with an 0.95-inch AMOLED full-colour display. The colour shown gives the Mi band four a leg in this segment over each other’s fitness band. On the previous model, I had problems with sunlight legibility, but that isn’t a problem with Mi Band 4. There are contents on the screen under intense glare with a maximum luminosity of more than 400 nits.

The Mi Band 4 works far better for activity tracking and is a welcome addition to its ability to track swimming. The workout community now represents incoming calls, and other updates on your wrist and alerts and alarms can now be set. You can also monitor background music and personalize feedback to each user. You can control the playback. What you can also do is uninstall it from the settings if you do not want to receive notifications on your wrist from a particular device.

For swimming the Mi Band 4 is a good choice. It is water resistant up to 50 meters. It will track your swim but there are reports of bad accuracy. Its a good contender for the best fitness band for swimming but we think the swimming features are lacking.

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Final Verdict

A swimming fitness tracker is an excellent deal for anyone who wants to stay on the budget and who wants to keep their health in check. They’re much cheaper in price but efficient in performance. So if you wish to have any fitness band for yourself, scroll the cursor and get one of your choices!

Which device is the best fitness band for swimming? to me its clear. The Fitbit Charge 3 is the clear winner and is my top fitness band for swimming. Not only does it offer great waterproof design the technology on the swim tracking is excellent compared to other fitness bands/

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